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Set in the foothills of Mount Etna, among 500 ha of Indian-figs, P.A. La Deliziosa is a leading farm enterprise “made in Sicily”, whose passion for the land and love of wholesomeness have produced some veritable gems of the Italian agri-food industry.

The producers association  has 112 members with a cultivated surface of 1,600 hectares, including 1,000 ha of citrus trees, 500 ha of Indian-fig prickly pear and the remaining 100 ha subdivided between other fruit and vegetable crops.

Our objective? Let our customers discover and taste Sicilian excellence

How? Fully respecting our values:  sustainability, tradition and innovation.

Why Choose us?



We offer the best selection of goods, following the highest standard of production


Made in Sicily

The promotion of our territory is one of the key pillars of our company. We group 120 of the best Sicilian producers in one, big association.



Our products are produced in accordance with a strict production regulations on traceability and internal production quality and incompliance with integrated agriculture.


Controlled production

From soil and farms selection, to cultivation; from harvest to production: we control every step of the process to guarantee the highest quality.



We found our company on 30 years of experience and dedication to growing



Our strenght is in the simplicity of natural ad genuine food offered by our earth.

Our adventure since 1988

Our adventure since 1988

It all began with a visionary and brave man, Pietro Bua. Since he was young, he have always been looking for new challenges, and that is one of the reasons he decided to bet on Prickly Pears, a fruit that was regarded as wild and common by Sicilians.
He started this journey motivated by his passion, dedication and love for his own land. Pietro was not alone facing this challenge: his children Giovanni, Antonino e Salvatore Bua would follow him, and would be guided by his values.
In 1988, we opened the warehouse of the company, and the family embarked on this journey which has led to the improvement of its quality standards and processing methods during this 30 years.


Sicily. Sun. Etna.
These are some keywords that perfectly encapsulate what La Deliziosa offers you. For us it is essential to let you taste genuine and unique products grown on the Sicilian soil, and in particular on the rich and breeding ground of the volcano Etna – for example P.D.O. Prickly Pears or Coscia Pears.
Our Producers Association takes in charge the selection of “Sicilian excellence”, that is to say a selection of product closely connected to the land and to territorial identity, as shown by our PDO and PGI certifications.
We also care about preserving the taste and simplicity of our fruits by using sustainable and traditional growing methods.
Quality and Sustainability

Quality and Sustainability

Sustainability is definitely one of La Deliziosa key-values.
We control the entire production chain, and that allows us to optimise energy use with a low environmental impact:
  • LOW WATER CONSUPTION : water-saving irrigation and production techniques;
    • ZERO-EMISSION:electric machinery and no chemical additives used;
  • ZERO WAIST : redirected to industry
  • Our production is in compliance with Global Gap, B.R.C e I.F.S. regulations.
  • Brand 1a
  • Global Gap
  • Grasp
  • Brand 3a
  • Ifs
  • Biologico
  • Ficodindia Etna DOP
  • Arancia Rossa IGP
  • Pesca Leonforte IGP
  • Pesca Bivona IGP
  • Pomodoro Pachino IGP
  • Limone Siracusa IGP

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